On The Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

The Popular Maxim of “Health is Wealth” has received its most Vibrant Expression in the Recent Decade. There has been a Unanimous Shift Towards a Healthy Lifestyle Created on Conscious Decisions involving Food Habits, Exercise Schedules and Patterns, along with an Overall Psychological Drive for a Healthier mind and a Healthier Body.

But why a healthy lifestyle?

  • A Deliberate Decision to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle was Absent in the Past. This is Because of their Social Fabric that was Poles Apart from the current Mechanical Society that we Thrive upon. The Tremendous Development in Science and Technology has Indeed Connected one to the World, without having To Exert oneself. This has not only made one immensely Inactive, but has Actually Drawn all of us Into Lethargy with Real Dependence Upon Virtual spaces, Artificial Intelligence and Machines. The Competitive Nature of the Current is, thus, a Reason Behind the Increasing Lack of Physical Exercize and Most Importantly, the Choice of Quick and Easier- to- make Junk Foods.
  • Recent Studies and Surveys Reveal about the Average Population of Every Nation falling a Victim to Diabetics, Cardiac Issues and Obesity. Studies also Suggests the Adverse Impact of the Fast-forward Social Sphere that is Doomed in Stress and Anxiety, Causing Depression as well as Hormonal Problems, equally in both Men and Women.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating habits

  • One of the First Parameters that can Determine How Healthy is one’s Lifestyle is Through the Food that he or she Sustains upon. Food Alone has the Capacity to Either Nourish the Body or Deprive it of its Healthy Metabolism. Hence, a Healthy Lifestyle Should Pay Enormous Attention to the Choice of Food.
  • There is an Urgent Need to Substitute the Quick-fix Junk Food with Green Leafy Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits rich in Minerals and Vitamins, Whole grains, Milk, Yoghurt and Nuts.
  • It is only wise to Opt for Healthier Versions of Regular Packaged Food. Multi grain Bread, Biscuits, Brown Bread, Low Sugar and Low Cholesterol Variants Thus Dominate the Market.

An active body is a guide to the healthy lifestyle

  • One often Lags Behind in Physical Exercise Section to being Healthy. Lifts, Cars and Various Other Appliances Have Made one’s life easy at the Cost Our Physical Stamina. The Mere Attempt at a Healthy Lifestyle is not Enough Unless One Decides to Bring Forth Necessary Changes on an Everyday Basis.
  • A Thirty Minute Free Hand Exercise Can be Equally Beneficial.
  • Opting for steps instead of the Lift
  • Sharing the workload at home with minor chores.

The Global Pandemic has once Again Highlighted the Importance of Health and a Severe jolt to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. One Cannot take Health for Granted and yet it is the Most Important Asset our Living.